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Self Love in the Time of Quarantine

Could we ever imagine we would be here? Could we have fathomed and such a world in our own time?

My mother recently shared a profound and not to be mistaken his pessimistic statement with me recently:
‘The world as we knew it is no longer.’

She could not have been more accurate. This universal quarantine has ushered in a new era. A new way of being. Part of me believes that many of the sanitary precautions that are being practiced at the moment should have always been in practice. I’m not exactly sure why grocers we’re not always wearing gloves while handling food. I’m not exactly sure why social distancing became acceptable because of a pandemic. Not because personal space should be respected.
I am sure I’m not the only one to share the sentiments as well as anxiety over the unknown and uneasiness from the ever-changing conditions of this virus.

My goal however is to exit quarantine in an improved way, a better state than when I entered it.
Whether that be physically or emotionally, I am focusing on both. The silver lining of Quarantine for myself is that I have been given the gift of time. Many of us use the phrase ‘I didn’t have enough time’. But the reality of it is you did not make time for whatever ‘it’ may have been.
As a society, we have grown to neglect the self. The well-being of the self. What it takes to nurture the self. The focus on the self is even seen as selfish.
However, now is the time for the self. I am utilizing this time to relearn skills that I have lost over the years such as piano and speaking Italian. I am utilizing this time to be active and create healthy nurturing foods daily. I am utilizing this time to read and absorb philosophy. I am creating with my hands. I am making dream catchers, hanging rock formations, painting.
I am making sure to spend at least 20 minutes in the sunlight each day, weather permitting. It is vitally important to our emotional and physical well being to obtain vitamin D from nature.
We have all been given the opportunity to become the best versions of ourselves since we are all in this together and have nothing but time.

Will you use it? The time that has been given to you. What will you do with it?