I've Only Just Begun

*Editor's Note: Since I wrote this, I have packed up all of my belongings and placed them in storage. I now am living on the road entirely. 

So here it goes…

I am writing this blog post after almost three years of silence (aka, a much needed break) from a place of rebirth. But I use the term ‘rebirth’ for a loosely. 

When I was younger, I travelled to 14 countries prior to the age of 16. I often think that those experiences I was lucky enough to be exposed to were wasted on an adolescent, however, in my adult years I realize they only added immense value to my education of culture in addition to sparking my desire for more.
I moved across the country by myself to work two jobs so I could pay my way through college at the age of 19.
After graduation I navigated my way through sales jobs, marketing, retail, the aggressive fashion industry and the dawn of social media until I found myself working as a ‘blogger’.
As a self-employed and self-managed influencer, I spent most of my days conceptualizing content and cold calling brands for collaborations while building a following. I found myself creating grandiose campaigns for brands that included days of travel, months of production time, not to mention an abundance of creative freedom. I believe this was the catalyst to jumpstart my long-lost desire wanderlust.
Utilizing the voice of the brand that I had now created for myself, I decided to incorporate my need to travel into my work. But as much as I would be ‘on the road’ I never seemed to satisfy the hunger for absorbing culture and society with the appropriate rapaciousness. I would often think to myself, ‘more, I want to see more. I want to go further.’
I took a break from traveling to get my life in order and reassess what was important to me. I asked myself, ‘why do I want to do this, for what purpose and to what end?’ That’s when I realized my brand had taken a turn away from being ‘me’ and into a channel and avenue for product promotion that wasn’t providing my bohemian soul with much fulfillment.
So instead, I decided to begin to travel without sponsorship, remiss of collaborating. I would travel to places I actually wanted to visit, take the time to absorb what I came there for in the first place. I found myself actually living the moments in lieu of capturing them.
That’s when I realized....I’ve accomplished a lot! I have hiked 10 miles in the snow to reach a glacier in the dead of winter in Colorado at 10,000 feet elevation. I have pranced in the white sand dunes of New Mexico. I have sat front row New York fashion week and had my picture taken by the late and great Bill Cunningham. I’ve ridden the merry-go-round at Coney Island...and Central Park...and Paris. I’ve played piano to a bar of strangers in Dublin, Ireland. I’ve snuck into an abandoned smallpox hospital on Roosevelt Island in the middle of the night. I’ve sat in the field where Henry Miller wrote Tropic of Cancer. I’ve attempted to find Ferlingetti’s cabin in Big Sur. I’ve had beers in some of Bukowski’s old haunts. I’ve ridden a motorcycle through deserts, mountains and along coastal highways. I have bribed a Manhattan doorman with pizza to allow me to sneak onto a fabled rooftop farm only to find out it was all true. I have swum with turtles in Hawaii and jumped off cliffs into waters where World War II remnants remain just below. I have hiked 8miles over flowing lava in converse to the oceans edge just to see an active volcano flowing into the water. I’ve ridden horseback in Mexico and Malibu. Run through fields bursting with poppies in California. Built a home for a family in Argentina and Fiji. Attended a silent piano concert on the beach at midnight. I’ve ran for miles along the Mississippi River in the middle of Summer. Camped for countless days in freezing temperatures as well as scorching. I’ve hung off the edge of Horse Bend and wandered through the mazes of Antelope Canyon. Walked proudly among my fellow women (and men) in protest for a brighter future. Explored the Cuban home of Earnest Hemingway and where he wrote ‘Old Man and the Sea’. I’ve participated in ancient kava ceremonies with Fijian tribes. Swam with sharks in open waters. Run through the streets of Paris with little sleep. Hiked miles in the wrong direction to finally find solace in natural hot springs. I’ve done yoga with goats and slept a mere 100 yards from wild bears in Yosemite. I’ve crawled over slippery rocks just to sit at the bed of a waterfall.
I’ve done so much....and I’ve barely just begun....this is 33.


More to come.