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Desert Hot Springs Valentine's Day Escape

Wearing Joah Brown Dress

Vintage 501 Levi's

'What to do for Valentine's Day?' Seems to be the quintessential question surrounding this manufactured holiday. For me the answer was easy, due to the fact that I seem to be dating someone with a similar train of thought as myself....get out of town! 
Queue road trip to Palm Desert- We found the perfect eccentric rental for our weekend escape (equip with Scrabble, a Fred Estaire biography, a vintage stove surrounded by mint green counter tops and a lava read correctly). 
We turned the TV on a single time and swiftly cut it off when we unanimously decided a game of Scrabble to a 70's montage playlist was more appropriate for the occasion. Most of our time was spent aimlessly perusing the idiosyncratic nature of Palm Springs as well as indulging in the overabundance of thrift stores. 
My plan for Valentine's Day itself is to order a gluten free vegan pizza, which will surely be void of flavor and resemble cardboard, and catch up on Netflix releases. My advice however, is simply do whatever you enjoy doing most as a couple. No need to break the bank with over exerted efforts. Just do what you both do best!