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Let's Talk Maintenance

I've been to four major cities across the country in two weeks.
Starting with Coachella to a conference in San Diego to TriBeCa in NY
and another quick trip to San Francisco.

I love that I have created the opportunity and life that allows me to
never unpack. Trust me when I say I am genuinely grateful. However,
due to this type of jet setting lifestyle of dry shampoo and baby
wipes in the desert to quick changes in airport bathroom stalls for
red carpet appearances, I tend to need more assistance and guidance
when it comes to maintaining my look. Meaning, making sure my hair
isn't creating its own trend of natural ombré since I can't seem to
squeeze in regular appointments for color and often have to go make up
free or minimal make up and still need to look like I tried.

With that said, I have an incredible team of pure genius and raw talent
at Sassoon Salon in Beverly Hills. They not only understand my
odd requests and needs but encourage me to push the envelope in making the most of my low maintenance routine. 
I’m now taking measures and trying services, I never would have before - such as eyebrow tinting!

For some reason, I've been remiss in attempting it for myself but others with “non-existent eyebrows" swear
by it ! So when I pop into the beautifully renovated salon for a 'maintenance' appointment with my team of miracle workers,
Lina and Dianne, take charge and  have none of my nonsense. It’s true! At this point, they know what’s better for me than I do!
So Dianne grabbed the eyebrow color, snuck up on me and boom — beautiful brows!
Next, Lina (who I thought I had convinced that I'm never cutting my hair again…
because I am a hippie and want it to grow out) shyly nabbed scissors
during my blow out and three seconds later, I'm beaming and look
absolutely fabulous.

This is my third session with the Beverly Hills team and I have been working closely with Dianne 
toward a color that made sense for me and was easy to maintain. I
must say, we nailed it this time with the Sassoon SS16 Torque Collection as inspiration. Patience is key when it comes to finding the perfect hue! 
Hair is unique and does what it wants. So even if you want
Ashley Olsen's perfect grey blonde with no brass, doesn't mean your
hair is capable of that. Nor does it mean it is the right look for
you. Take into consideration your own skin tone, eye color, water
quality in the shower, products you use. Most importantly... Photoshop
and filters! That perfect blonde might not be exactly that in person
so keep that in mind.

So thank god they don’t always listen to me! Because now I swear by a two
centimeter trim for those who fear scissors and DEFINITELY
swear by eyebrow tinting! My strong recommendation is to go to a salon
and professional because they will color match to a 'T' and it will
last longer!

But my main piece of advice is to talk to your hair professionals.Tell
them exactly what you want and have an open and honest conversation about expectations. They are
the actual experts, so a mutual trust is a must!

Now when I go in, they know exactly what to do! I can simply sit there, relax and be on my merry jet setting way until next time!