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Holiday Gifting Guide- Friends with Style

This post is sponsored by Tommy Hilfiger

Here is my Winter confession: I do not necessarily dress for the weather. Number one reason being is that I am blessed with the luxury of living in Los Angeles, where our weather is more confused than a 2 year old and a rubix cube. Second reason being that, I prefer to layer, I wear what I want and purchase my outfits with the intent of buying a whole outfit and not just piece by piece. 
The benefit of shopping for yourself in this fashion, pun intended, is that if you stay true to your style and conceptualize an entire outfit from head to toe (think coat, scarf, shoes, socks, dress, jewelry, etc) for that ONE outfit, chances are you will be able to mix and match with your wardrobe anyhow. 
This holiday season, the glorious gift-giving occasion is here. I am one who actually struggles with what to gift to my friends and family, especially since I am very direct in telling them exactly what I want. Since I am also known as the 'fashionable friend', there is the additional pressures of being expected to style my friends in addition to the gifting aspect. (I prefer to think I am giving the gift of 'style') One of my favorite brands that I have featured on the site many times is Tommy HilfigerAt Macy's, the Ready to Wear: Tommy Hilfiger collection has tons of options, allowing you to mix and match your heart out. Not to mention the variety of pieces for men, women and children.
Kristi, from and I had a Sunday funday shooting our matching outfits in the holiday spirit of pure relaxation and joy. (Coffee is a necessity for such get togethers)
So here is my easy solution: Since I receive compliments on how I dress myself from my friends, I figured that I would gift them what I would buy (and did buy) for myself and add a slight tweak to each outfit to personalize it. Now, it is not like I have a squad that roams around Los Angeles with me in identical outfits, well...sometimes. But choosing from the styles that I already own or enjoy, like the Macy’s-exclusive Tommy Hilfiger items I featured in these styles, I am trusting my judgement and making the gift-giving season a lot less of a headache than it has to be!

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