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Essentials for the Wayward Jetsetter

Recently, after being called a 'wayward one', I travel more often then I even realized. I am on the road for work, pleasure and most of the time, out of anxiety of remaining still for more than three days. I have the luxury of living in a state in which a mere two hour road trip can transport you into a seemingly different universe and landscape. For instance, one weekend I was traversing the mountains of Sonoma in Northern California and the next weekend I was roaming the streets of Manhattan only to be followed by a train ride through Philly to Washington, D.C. and ending in the hills of rural Virginia.
I also have realized that I might be considered an expert packer to most. Throughout my traveling experience over the years, I can pack in seconds flat, not to mention, pack wisely. I scale down to the necessities without skimping. Yes, I am that girl you see walking through the airport with a satisfied demeanor who isn't inundated with wonky luggage or attempting to squeeze 20 bags into one just to board the plane according to bag regulations.

A few of the things that are absolute must have's when traveling- 
-My Samsung Galaxy Tab S2- It is so lightweight and skinny that I actually lost it in my purse because it was stuck inside the pages of one of my books. I use it to write while I am in between destinations and most recently, to watch shows on the airline wifi when no one else had the luxury of a TV (airlines seem to think we no longer need to be entertained)
-My customized Rebecca Minkoff x Normal earbuds in rose gold- When ordering, they actually have you load a picture of your ears so they can customize them to fit you! I prefer earbuds so that I can fall asleep without bulky headphones getting in my way when I accidentally end up leaning on my seatmate.
-Books- I always buy paperback books as they are easier to pack than hardbacks. My latest Barnes & Noble purchase- 'Franny & Zoey' by Salinger and Hemingway's 'Men Without Women'. I usually travel with a minimum of three books at a time.

If you are shopping for a 'wayward wanderer' for the holidays, New Year, birthdays, anniversaries...regardless of the occasion, these are a few of my must have's (and all within a reasonable price range) that will definitely go to good use.