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As many of you know by now about me, I am a restless soul. I am constantly seeking adventure and if it doesn't find me,  I find it! 
Recently, I have been grappling with scheduling priorities and balancing work life with my creative side, although the two are rather synonymous. It can be a challenge given there are only 24 hours within a day. (thinking back to the 'Empire Records' quote from Liv Tyler on productivity, albeit her character was on speed) The process of balancing both your productive and creative side requires planning and preparation which kind of take the fun out of the whole process, only if you allow it.
I recently decided to nurture the "musician" in me by taking up piano lessons. I played for 10 years way back when and for the most part, lost all talent in that respect. So as a challenge and outlet for myself to express and flex my visionary side, I got a teacher and invested in a weighted keyboard. (not quite at the level of affording a baby grand piano but working on it)
My teacher, Val Goldes, is a prodigy (as I call him) as well as a visionary artist and business owner himself( Most likely the reason for us getting along so well!). When he is not yelling at me for not practicing and telling me his four year old student can work her way through Mozart 10x's better than me, he is recording singles, managing a record label and obtaining grants at the local music institute.  
In addition to piano, I am pushing myself physically out of a comfort zone recently established by adulthood, if you will, and pursuing activities such as surfing and paddle boarding. Recently I had the pleasure of meeting up with international model and surf legend, Hanalei Reponty (designer of Abysse Swimwear), to learn the art of paddle boarding and really just getting onto a surf board in general. I have to say the experience has left me wanting to pursue it more. (granted I could not quite sit down with ease the next day due to muscle soreness)

The next feat I am going after is traveling solo. I am always impressed with my abilities to adapt to my surroundings and gather my bearings in new territories. So I intend to flex that particular muscle to the best of my abilities in making solo travel a high priority. The reasoning for this is to ensure my creativity and motivation remains in tact at its highest level possible. I believe in feeding the brain and the soul, so short weekend trips alone are just what this self-appointed doctor ordered.
All in all, I highly recommend making your endeavors a priority(even if its as simple as cooking or as ambitious as sky diving) . Stay tuned as I share more on my new journey!

Check out my talented piano teacher's latest single below as well!

Small Room is finally here
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