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What's My Secret Indulgence?

Sunkissed Tee by JunkFood // Necklace by Windsor Store

Quilted Backpack by Vera Bradly

Sweater by Sea of Pearls LA

I often feel like I am like one of those super heroes where there is
actually ten of me running around completing multiple tasks, errands,
writing, editing, etc. then at the end of the day, all ten versions of
me melt back into one and I sit back for five minutes of R&R. There
are some days where at the end of it, I feel like I was busy all day
long and yet didn't manage to accomplish or complete what I originally
set out to do that day.
I think the trick to managing this 'artificial chaos' is realizing
that I am not a superhero with powers of multiplicity and I am one
person who needs to recharge to maintain my fabulous demeanor.
So my trick, my secret if you will, is leaving town. It doesn't
necessarily matter for me where I go because for me, it's about being
away even for a simple weekend. I don't particularly plan anything
fabulous per say for these mini-escapes since my purpose is normally
to unplug. As a blogger, even using the word 'unplug' is blasphemous.
So I am hell bent on having a good time no matter what I am doing
while away, even if I end up just camping and keeping things simple
and not so glamorous and completely self indulgent.
So I highly encourage you to step out of your normal routine as often
as you can manage for a little 'recharging session'.
So, join me and Skinny Cow for a secret speakeasy soirée on June 11th,
at The Edison from 5-10pm.

RSVP at and let's give our superhero
selves a night off!

Catch me at the Skinny Cow tasting June 6th from 10am - 9pm at the Westfield Culver City Mall (in front of Macy's)!!!

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