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Talkin' Bout My Generation

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In the spirit of bohemian Summer adventures and sharing my love of music and vintage, I took a spin around Venice with one of my favorite brands, Junk Food Clothing
I have been a fan of the brand for many years since they create my favorite type of clothing: Comfy t-shirts featuring my favorite bands printed on them! It's the only article of clothing I need aside from my denim. 
I had a blast with their team on the streets of Venice and Abbot Kinney, where their fabulous beach-nook store is located. We did a bit of vintage shopping, grabbed a coffee at Blue Bottle, conveniently located next door, and then promptly planted myself on their couch to chat about blogging, relationships, style secrets, qualms, family and oh so much more.

One of the things I shared was a story about my father who is responsible for my love in music and rock. He followed The Who around in the 80's as a photographer and captured amazing one of a kind pictures of the band members. These pictures, he kept for his personal collection and always meant a great deal to me, especially when he flew out to Los Angeles in 2008 to take me to The Who concert, something not many people in my generation (no pun intended) can be lucky enough to have seen.

Head over to their site and find out what I dished out as my must-have's and more!