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Be Right Back- A Blogger's Truth

Coat by Camp Collection

Coat by Camp Collection // Top by Wildfox // Shorts by Kerol D. Apparel // Shoes by Carmen Steffens

Necklace by Forever 21

I recently have had a lot on my plate. Not that we all don't every once in a while, but as we get older, the way we handle it changes. I was and have been quite the expert of 'sidelining' priorities, convincing myself that it can wait and I can be more productive in the moment.
But as I get older, I feel I am becoming more in tune with myself and the way I feel towards certain things. It has everything to do with the choice I made when I took up blogging in the first place. I love style and I love travel, so the blog was my outlet to share the two. Staying true to ones personal style while sharing with the world and still managing to maintain a 'real life' was a bit more difficult to balance than I imagined (yes, bloggers do have lives outside of the glitz and glamour we share online) .
So my solution, be as honest as I possibly can with the only person who's opinion I have to live with for the rest of my life....myself. Much easier said than done.
To kickstart my sharing and tell all of my epic up and downs, I am getting out of town...shocker! 
However, I will not be blogging until my return. Reason being, I want to actually enjoy myself without having to worry about if the wifi is strong enough! It would be remiss to say this won't be a difficult task, but it must be done!
See you next week!