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Black Friday Winter Style from Lyst

Wood Ankle Boots // Maillon Low Boots

We are always on the hunt for great deals on style, and not just on Black Friday. That is why I am always on the hunt for websites that have great deals year round! 
Lyst is one of my go-to's when it comes to luxury fashion. Mainly because they merchandise on trend with the highest quality brands at a lower price by aggregating the sites for you. Not every one's budget allows for designer brands on the regular. So I often check these sites on a regular basis to take count of which of my items on my 'must have' list are on sale. I always suggest having the staple items you want in mind when shopping around the holidays, such as ankle boots and Winter coats. That way, you can save on the high ticket staple items because you aren't filling your cart up with the fashion 'riff raff' and overflow of 'I don't need it or love it but it's such a good deal' items.
Visit to make your Lyst selections for Winter now!

I am always a fond promoter of shopping smart and infrequent. My old adage of buying one good Vince t-shirt for $90 versus ten t-shirts from H&M that will fall apart at the slightest hint of a breeze.
So my suggestions are to treat yourself to one or two or all of these Winter Staples, purchase them at a great price and never look back!