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Viva La Revolution

JustFab Fall Ankle Boots

Rachael Dickhute of in Members Only and Dynamic Asia  Beret

Grace in LA denim

Don't worry, it's only a style revolution I am strumming up. Let the brazen and bold suit up for Fall and get creative with inspired looks! 
I find my revelation for outfits through all channels. Whether it be music, movies, books or other bloggers. Sometimes, it's a matter of being comfortable or in a certain mood. Whatever inspires your style, use it! I generally feel more comfortable when I do.
So my idea behind the style revolution is to combat (get it) the odd weather we are having in Los Angeles. By no means am I complaining, however, 101 degrees in October is a bit absurd. 
My riot ready outfit consists of a breezy button up by Uniqlo (which also just opened at the Beverly Center) Grace in LA denim, Vintage Members Only jacket and JustFab ankle boots. Accessories by Dynamic Asia, Gypsy Bound and Daniel Wellington watches.

*Photo Credit to Stacee Kelly of