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The Girl With the Green Ribbon

"The Girl with the Green Ribbon Around Her Neck 

A long time ago there was a little girl who had a green ribbon around her neck. One day she went to school and met a boy named Jim. Jim sat behind her in class and noticed the ribbon under her pig tails. "Why do you wear that ribbon around your neck?" he asked. Someday I'll tell you, she promised. When they were teenagers, Jim asked the girl on a date. While they were drinking frappes, Jim asked again, "why do you wear that green ribbon around your neck?” She laughed nervously and said, "Well maybe if we ever get married I'll tell you." Jim fell in love with the girl and they got married. In bed their first night, the only thing his new wife wouldn't take off was the ribbon and he asked, “Okay, we're married now...why do you wear that ribbon on your neck!" She said, "I'll tell you if we ever have kids." After they had a boy and a girl, Jim asked again,"Please, please, please, WHY DO YOU WEAR THAT RIBBON AROUND YOUR NECK?!?!" She said, if you love me, you'll drop it for now, some day I'll tell you." So he dropped it. Just accepted the fact that his wife wore a mysterious ribbon around her neck all the time. They got old together, then the woman got very sick, went to the hospital, and the doctor said she was going to die. Her distraught husband sat by her side for days, and finally said, please, tell me now, why do you have that ribbon around your neck? In a croaky voice she said, okay, I'll tell you, take it off now." He pulled the bow loose and her head fell off." 

A childhood favorite of mine, 'The Girl with the Green Ribbon' is from Alvin Shwartz's 'In a Dark, Dark Room & Other Scary Stories' published in 1984. 
I try to get a bit creative with my Halloween costumes and pull from my personal inspiration. I really wanted to craft something from American Horror Story- Freak Show, but this particular costume has been on my list for a while. 
The makeup was inspired by an image on Pinterest and was perfectly executed by my personal friend and makeup artist, Kseniya Durst. (find her on Instagram- @makeupby_kseniya)
If you are looking to be something out of the ordinary and want to stand out this Halloween season, I recommend heading to Pinterest for inspiration and channeling your own personal favorites and get creative and original! I promise it is much more fun that way!