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Sporty Chic

Flash Tattoos // Fabletics Pants // Target Wedge Sneakers

Neff Classic Cap // Vintage Top // Fabletics Pants // Target Wedge Sneakers

My assistant's lovely arm, being creative with my accessories

Not that Summer is the only time for someone to get into shape, beach season that is. But I typically am a fan of working out as means of passing time. The gym is not typically my go to, but rather, I run or walk whenever possible. But that also does not mean I can't do it in style!
My go to outfit for fitness is a comfy oversize tee and my Fabletics running pants. These are my favorite because of the mesh detail and the fact that they feel like you are wearing Spanx. 
However, I do not run in wedge sneakers typically, but this outfit is perfect for walking to the store and running my weekend errands!