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I have been attending New York Fashion Week going on six years now. Each time I go, the process seems to become easier and more organized. However, the chaos behind packing and preparing for Fashion Week is wherein lies the chaos.

From style pulls with PR firms, trend forecasting research, beauty tutorials, emails and invites all the way  down to planning for weather, this is the life of a New York Fashion Week attendee weeks leading up to the event.

This season, I decided to keep my arrangements and pre- Fashion Week craze to a minimum by doing the necessities. First stop, to my fabulous dentist known as 'Dr. Sexy', Dr. Sam Saleh at Ora Dentistry in Beverly Hills. Located quaintly on Rodeo Drive, I stopped by for a flash whitening treatment for my million dollar NYFW smile.

Next up, hair. Oh the struggle! I originally planned on going bold and attempting the Nicole Richie purple. However, I am postponing that for after Fashion Week. So instead, I headed to my main gal, Patricia Lynn Laas at Salon Republic for an easy touch up. Then I headed to The Montage Beverly Hills Kim Vo Salon to my favorite gal Mika Fowler for a quick trim.

Packing was simple because this year I pulled for specific planned outfits. My theme this season, simplicity and dressing according to weather! Shocker!

Lastly, I made sure to hunt down the best phone charger for on the go. This is most likely the biggest struggle of Fashion Week seeing as how some of us don't see the inside of our hotels for an entire day and all the outlets are taken in the tents. Being that we live tweet from the runway to bring you the latest in a blink of an eye, this is the most important thing to plan for! So my product of choice is the Lumsing Portable Battery (enter ILUMSING for a $5 discount at checkout!).

So stay tuned this week as I take you through New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 runway and presentations!!