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Customize This! Swimwear Finally Gets Personal

Rachael Dickhute of in Kini Swimwear

Custom Kini Swimwear by Everything Hauler

Custom Kini Swimwear // Daniel Wellington 'Classic Sheffield' Watch // Baroni Ring

Rachael Dickhute of in Kini Swimwear

I am a huge fan of customization, tailoring and proper fitting anything. Doing these little extras to your garments (and your shoes) really do make all the difference.
I recently fell in love with an Australian site called Kini Swimwear in which you can completely customize your own swimsuit. You can mix and match shapes, styles, sizes, material, color and more! 
So of course, I got to work and created my 'Bond' inspired vintage-esque two piece in black and white (shocker!)
I always have a hard time finding swim suits that fit my shape perfectly, the bottoms are always too small and the tops too big or misshapen. So the process of customizing everything down to threading was the perfect solution for me! Plus, the gals that run the company are absolutely fabulous to work with.

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