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Dinner with DSTLD Jeans

Rachael Dickhute in DSTLD Denim // Lauren Cecchi NY Purse

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Eugenie Grey of

Host, Rachael Dickhute of at Dinner with DSTLD

A Toast to the Style Influencers of Los Angeles at Dinner with DSTLD

Eugenie Grey of with Rachael Dickhute of
Taye of // Jamie of // Jenny of // Rachael of // Ruby of 

Rachael Dickhute of in DSTLD Jeans
Melanee Shale // Designer Ahn Vu // Joann Doan

Dawn of // Stuart of

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As a blogger, especially in Los Angeles, I have the pleasure of being exposed to some of the most innovative brands and influencers in the nation. I am very thankful for those opportunities which is why I have chosen this career path.
Recently, I hosted an influencer dinner with DSTLD jeans, one of my favorite denim brands. DSTLD is a Los Angeles based and LA made denim brand. My roots in this fashion industry stemmed from an extensive career in denim here in Los Angeles, dating all the way back to 2005 (eek!). LA made is a concept I can certainly stand behind and support, especially in the denim community.
DSTLD's designer, Anh Vu, comes from the background of denim and high end design and is now lending her expertise to DSTLD through her contemporary construction at an affordable price. 
I shared my fabulous night with some of LA's most prominent style bloggers. After enjoying sips and a beautiful meal, we stepped into the studio where in-house photographer, Carlos Moscat, snapped shots of us in our DSTLD pieces.