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White Sands - On the Road with Ford Transit Connect Wagon

Yucca Flower (state flower of New Mexico)

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Ever since I became aware of its existence, I have always wanted to visit White Sands, New Mexico. Miles from any major city, in the middle of seemingly no where, are these pristine white sand desert dunes.
The wind forms what look like painted waves making it look like a massive zen garden with little vegetation around it, other than the occasional cacti and these exotic desert flowers known as the Yucca flower, which is also the state flower.
We decided to show up right when the sun was setting, which allowed us to really take in this spectacular destination. 
After another long day on the road, we checked in to the beautiful Spanish style Hotel Encanto, located in Las Cruces, NM about an hour's drive from White Sands.
Their view of the pool from the roof at night time was breathtaking.

**Photos by Paul Joyner