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My #Unminivan Moments with Ford's Transit Connect Wagon

Having recently shared the opportunity to go on a road trip with my photographer and assistant in Ford's new Transit Connect Wagon through the Southwest, we wanted to share some of our favorite moments along our journey and search for the strange, the quirky and the off the beaten path...Something that is much needed in life.
Not having many low points such as running out of gas in the middle of no where, lack of signal for our Sirius radio and unbearable heat, we had an amazingly seamless trip!
We began our journey in Los Angeles and drove to Las Vegas to explore the unique qualities of 'Old' Vegas better known as Fremont. I was excited to explore the historic parts of Vegas, off the strip, where mob members would dine, neon signs reigned the skies and the Monte Carlo payed out big!
We stopped off to see the infamous Bonnie & Clyde's death car, in which they evaded the law for years after a long run of crimes, ending in an epic shoot out.
Waking up early with a few extra winnings of our own, we headed out to Lake Powell, a reservoir of the Colorado River, which is on the border of Arizona and Utah. Our pit stop post Lake Powell was well worth it for the boys, picking up authentic Texan BBQ smoked in house at Big John's Texas BBQ while I got a cherry dipped cone. 
Once we arrived in New Mexico, we realized two things: 1) They have high elevation a few people failed to warn us & 2) The desert is not a bunch of brown nothing!
The pink rocks, winding roads and unique vegetation (like my new favorite- the Yucca Plant)
I spent most of the ride watching the boys navigate and maneuver through the terrain and staring through the sunroof at the open skies. Although, the Transit Connect Wagon really did make it a smooth ride. I was additionally thankful we were in a vehicle that somehow, with my 7 hats and Paul's photography gear packed into it, I was still able to stretch out and relax in the middle and/or back seats as we traveled. 
Even though we were hoping to have an alien encounter in Roswell, NM we made up for the lack of excitement with my favorite stop, White Sands, NM. Truly something you need to experience for yourself, although our pictures speak volumes.
The people along our journey genuinely could not have been nicer. It was a breath of fresh air, no pun intended, from our metropolitan existence to be able to meet people who hold rock formations sacred and refuse to be photographed due to Indian adage of a camera stealing your soul. (making me wonder what we hold sacred here in Los Angeles other than the Dodgers or Kings)
Having the pleasure of staying at a resort on our last night New Mexico, we were able to take in much of the Southwest traditions and outdoor experiences you can easily enjoy there such as bike riding along the river, horse back riding, pool side lounging and morning mountainside yoga.
Being able to plug in our destinations for on screen directions, voice control change the radio stations and answer calls while on the road were major perks. You would otherwise take for granted  little bonuses like those in a luxury sedan since they are expected. But having a vehicle that we could work in, enjoy our drive and scenery for 6 days says a whole lot.

**Images and Video by Paul Joyner