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Million Dollar Shopper Du Jour- Barbet Smith

If you are not familiar with the hit show Million Dollar Shopper, which airs on Lifetime at 10pm, then you better tune in! The show portrays the lives of a group of top notch high end personal shoppers thriving in the more than lucrative industry in New York City. The fashionably talented cast styles with A-list clientele by using their expertise and connections in the big city to get the job done. 
I recently had the pleasure of interviewing and shopping with my favorite cast member, Miss Barbet Smith aka 'the hockey mom'.  Typically adorned in classic designers from head to toe, Barb's desire for structure and tailoring shows in her necessity to spread true style with each client's success.
Gaining her start in the business in retail as an in-house specialist and moving up with the tutelage of an expert, Barbet Smith expertly handles being a mother of four and her duties as a fashion go-to in NYC.
While shopping in Soho with Barb, I learned that she isn't committed to a single brand when it comes to shopping. "It's a visual thing and of the moment. I appreciate Tom Ford's construction." She also believes that all closets should have a fitted tuxedo and a good bag, such as the classic Birkin. Her style tips for day and night- An LBD with a killer moto jacket and heels and Levi's with a white t-shirt and heels. I can get down with that!
Another key tip from Barb- Tailoring.  Tailoring is a dying custom in many wardrobes. "There is nothing better than a well tailored, well fitted dress." And I have to agree. Fast fashion has steered away from most of us from owning decently constructed clothing that actually fits out bodies. And since no one body is the same, tailoring to your specifics is the easiest way to look your best in YOUR clothes!
*Barb's advice for a stellar holiday look:
A navy or midnight tuxedo with a bit of flare. Whether its paired with a colorful heel or killer statement accessories, you can rock it day to night and add a flash of faux fur for elegance, like a collar.

Birkin Bar at LXR & Co. Pop Up Shop in Soho!

I am always a sucker for a Kelly Bag.

Barbet eyeing the Chanel at LXR & Co. Pop Up Shop in Soho

Happy fashionistas! Vintage shopping with Barbet Smith of 'The Million Dollar Shopper"