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A Fashionable Journey- Through New York Fashion Week

Today's the day! I am off to New York Fashion Week to mingle with the industry's finest and glimpse at the Spring/Summer 2014 forecasted styles.
Joining me on my fashionable journey, my Sole Society 'Cassidy' weekender and my 'Priscilla' tote
Having a decent set of luggage that will get you through the type of week I am about to have while in NYC is crucial to my stylish crusade. As a blogger, showroom visits, photo shoots, filming and viewings are among the few things I will be skirting away to do. So the bags I bring with me not only need to be functional, but fashionable.
I prefer black luggage for a clean sophisticated look. Black compliments most travel attire. 
My choice for fashionable and comfortable travel attire consists of my LOFT Twin Stripe Blouse, LOFT straight leg pant and Sole Society 'Chrissy' Ankle Bootie.
The LOFT pants and top were strategic in choice. The top is breathable and not too casual and the pants don't wrinkle! They are perfect for 'flight and go'.
Check back in for more of my fashionable journey through Manhattan and more, from the Lincoln Center to the Piers, bringing you the latest!

Traveling with Sole Society

Sole Society & LOFT

LOFT Twin Stripe Blouse & Sole Society 'Priscilla' tote

Sole Society 'Priscilla' tote & 'Cassidy' weekender

Sole Society- 'Chrissy' Bootie, 'Priscilla' tote and 'Cassidy' weekender