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The Perfect Travel Outfit

Traveling home for the Holidays? We are well aware of how important it is to look your best when returning to your hometown to see relatives, friends and blasts from the past.  The outfit you are wearing when you arrive is just as important as first impressions in any other situation, especially if a decent amount of time has passed since your last appearance.

If you have lengthy travel time to return home, you also want to make sure you are comfortable and versatile.  I, for instance, fly from the West coast to the East coast around this time of year, leaving behind 65° weather to return to a frozen tundra.  So planning for inclement weather is a must when traveling, this way you can pack accordingly for your entire visit.
My outfit of choice for the plane is not only comfortable for a six hour flight, but also is style appropriate.  I typically choose thick leggings since they are tapered at the bottom and will go with most shoes whether flat, heeled, wedges or boots.  I try to stick to a dark color pant, in the event of spills and stains acquired along the way. Next, when it comes to the shoes, be a doll and choose something you can speed walk in, are fashionable and most important: easy to slip on and off at security! (no laces/buckles)  Lastly, layering is most important. I tend to have both hot and cold flashes on an airplane so I wear a light weight long sleeve top (like this one from BCBG) with a faux leather jacket and infinity scarf that I can remove at any time. Another option would be an oversized sweater or duster, such as a long convertible shawl from Shawl Dawls. ('Fall Favorite: Shawl Dawls')

Louis Vuitton Sac Weekend Bag
When it comes to your carry-on, or what to keep in the front seat if you are driving, I suggest a simple weekender bag.  This is a perfect item to invest in because it forces you to pack lightly since it is not too big, but larger than a purse, and you can bring essentials including an additional outfit in case of emergencies, such as lost luggage. Some weekender bags even have wheels for extra convenience!
Overall, there is no excuse for arriving unfashionable. When you have time to plan a travel outfit, in addition to getting your roots done last minute, the nails, maybe a facial and a few new should be well on your way and ready for your grand re-entrance!